Dynek laboratory

Dynek is an equal opportunity employer, driven by one level management system with a commitment to staff training and further education.

A responsible team of professionals sensitive  to environmental issues while focused on a common goal; the research and development of a world class product.

Dynek’s success has been widely acclaimed in Australia. Renowned for its technical excellence, Dynek has produced a world class range of sutures, now exported around the globe.

With production running into millions of sutures each year, Dynek looked to the future when investing in a new ‘state of the art’ manufacturing laboratory. This new facility, along with advances in micro engineering, has enhanced productivity and enabled the attainment of  ISO13485 Accreditation.

In recent years, research and development has expanded into many new areas. Dynek recognises that although research absorbs large amounts of capital, the benefits to the medical profession and most importantly, the patient, are of paramount importance.

Environmental concerns are foremost in people’s minds. Dynek is committed to ensuring that where possible, all products can be recycled or destroyed without harmful residue.

A company’s greatest assets are the ideas and the visions of its employees. Dynek could not have achieved such advancements in technology without the proven performance of a well trained and dedicated team. The strength of this company is its people and their ongoing commitment to quality and service.

Dynek understands the unique needs of the medical profession and Dynek fine surgical products exist as a result of close ongoing consultation with medical professionals, and the knowledge gained through meticulous research and development.